Wedding season 2012 - 2013 Promotions
Wedding season 2012 - 2013 Promotions

The wedding marked the beginning of lover couple's common life with full of love and happiness; let us help you organize this important event. There are many rooms to choose at the ideal locations will be an unforgettable and luxurious wedding party with warm and luxurious space, the service manner is professional and considerate to every detail.

Giaote Hotels will help you shine with attractive promotions

1. Less than 250 guests you will get a promotion value to 4.300.000d

Free parking

Wedding signpost

Luxurious wedding photo Frame

Reception table

Envelope box

Colorful flower port (does not apply to youth restaurant)

Decorated stage

Carpet covered Entrance (does not apply to youth restaurant)

9 floors passionate champagne glass tower 

Smoke stone glass tower

Flowers decorated the banquet table

Wedding cake (5 floors, one is genuine)

Lamé Fireworks welcome the groom and bride

Brilliant fireworks

2. From 250 to 499 guests you get a promotion value to 5.100.000d

All promotional details in Section 1

Bride and groom Parasol (do not apply to restaurant Youth)

Wedding gifts

3. From 500 or more customers get promotion value to 5.800.000d

All promotional details in Section 1 and Section 2
Customer is presented 2 tickets of buffet breakfast at Giaote hotel's restaurant

Presented a wedding night at Giaote hotel's Honey Moon room

(To order, customer can book hotel 2 weeks previous)

Note:      - All Promotions is not converted into cash, not deducted the value of the contract.

               - Honeymoon room is arranged depending on availability.

               - The promotions are applied to official number of guests basing on the menu. (Not including number of guests generated)

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